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How to Promote and Sell your Music on INSTAGRAM­čö┤ Successfully

Instagram is one of the most widely used Social platforms on the Internet and all of your potential Clients or Fans live there. We are going to share with you the … source

(Selling Beats on Instagram) Branding for Producers on Instagram 2020

by GDOZ Making sure your branding is on key for instagram is crucial for selling beats, and guess what many producers don’t even have … source

Top 5 MISTAKES Producers Make on Instagram! (Selling Beats on Instagram 2020)

by GDOZ This video is all about the top 5 mistakes I see producers make when it comes to selling beats on Instagram. Let’s fix these 5 … source

Producers/Recording Artists: Don't Make This Mistake on Social Media

Promoting beats on Instagram? Using social video to promote your music? Don’t make this mistake. Kato on the Track and I discuss a major mistake artists make … source

How to GROW your INSTAGRAM as a MUSIC PRODUCER and Sell More Beats | Music Marketing Strategies 2020

Did you ever wonder how music producers grow on instagram so that brands and artists want to work with them, help them sell more beats, and make money off … source