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Let's Practice! Busta Rhymes verse of "Look at me Now" (Slowed down w/ scrolling Lyrics)

WATCH WITH ANNOTATIONS———- This is a video to help you rap the Busta Rhymes verse of Chris Brown’s “Look at me now.” Starting from a slow pace of … source

Let's Practice! Pale Kid Raps Fast – Gwatsky (slowed down w/ scrolling lyrics)

The long awaited practice track for Gwatsky’s Pale Kid Raps Fast. If you have an idea for what get’s posted next, leave it in the comments. source

Learn Eminem's Fastest Verse In 'Rap God' (Slowed Down + Scrolling Lyrics)

Part 2: This tutorial will help you rap Eminem’s fastest verse in “Rap God”. Starting from a slow pace of 59bpm, it repeats the verse again and again in 10% increments up to the full speed tempo of 148bpm. This is the best way to practice rapping this verse. Fun facts: At 101 words and 149 syllables in 16 seconds, the average pace of Eminem was 6.31 words and 9.31 syllables per second. ✶ Inspired by trogdoor17’s video: ✶ 0:02 – 40% tempo 0:50 – 50% tempo 1:28 – 60% tempo 2:00 – 70% tempo 2:28 – 80% […]